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Colombian products are well known for their quality and vibrancy in colours, textures and materials.

I am Colombian and have lived in Australia for well over 10 years. My experiences with both cultures have tought me that women everywhere are constantly looking for that 'something' that allows them and helps them feel beautiful and unique while at the same time being part of something greater.

Amadora's products are carefully curated to portray the uniqueness and care put into each of the products we sell and disbrute.

All of our products are made by qualified and experienced artisans, and we place special effort in supporting women's businesses, small co-ops and organised institutions that safe- guard the well being of those in need (such as teenagers).

Whether you choose to stock our genuine leather handbags, silver jewellery, natural flowers accessories, bracelets, pyjamas or activewear I assure you that your clients will feel connected, unique and special.

Contact us: if you are interested in stocking our products in Australia or overseas.