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I am so happy that you landed here!

 Like many of your wonderful stories of life and courage, Amadora started for me like a dream as a way to connect myself -as an expat- to my culture and roots after years of loosing touch with whom I really was.


Our products are made in Colombia, South America by small Co-0ps and groups of talented artisans and tailors. We love helping each other, and aim to build community through empowerment, stability, independence and pride.


We use fashion as a way to connect with you and share a part of what we are.

I hope that when you wear your Amadora products you feel beautiful and special, as love, our dreams and dedication have been poured into each piece every step of the way.


Let Amadora come with you on your own journey of self-discovery, love and passion through the colours and uniqueness of our products.


Thanks for stopping by.



Fiorella B. Rossinni