Reflections after 12 Years as an Expat

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So, you’re young, full of dreams and energy and decide to move to the other side of the planet in your early twenties. Then some years later when you are in your thirties, and still on the other side of the pond (as one would say in Spanish) you realise that there is a hole in your life…not a sad one, just one that demands attention and forces you to face life and yourself unlike any other time before.

I’ve been meaning to start exploring my feelings through writing and more direct contact with others for quite a while, but I recall telling someone that I wouldn’t know where to start or that perhaps I didn’t have anything to say. Bear in mind that these were the same reasons why I refused to have a Twitter or Instagram account for yeeeears!

No sooner had I finished telling him all this when he quickly struck me with the truth, the same way he always does: ‘Everyone has something to say’…and there he was once again, my partner in crime encouraging me to find the real me.

So, I decided to take baby steps by writing my blog. I would call it more of an attempt to crawl but in any case, I couldn’t be happier to be here right now.


After some time I understood that the ‘ache’ in my heart came from loosing touch with my Colombian heritage and the immense distance time had created between family, old childhood friends and my adult self.

The answer to reconnect with myself, my roots and my new found home in Australia became Amadora Designed Concepts.

In the process I am learning to be kinder to myself, allowing room for mistakes with less judgement and open my heart as a place in which my past, present and future live lovingly at ease.

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  • This is wonderful. I look forward to your next entry xx

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