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What’s your favourite colour?


At one point or another in our lives we all have had a favourite colour, right?

I have to admit that for many years my favourite colour was pink. From my mobile phone, to my diary and clothing I loved to be surrounded by pink. So much so, that when I met my husband in my early 20’s he had the impression that perhaps I wasn’t a very mature girl…I couldn’t believe it when years later he confessed this to me.

As time past my taste changed, it was a natural progression, and it was interesting to see how most of us read the world around based on socially agreed meanings that we may not be too aware of, just like my husband did a while ago. For instance, when I was at school I had a chemistry teacher who only wore black clothing. When she felt daring she would mix it up a bit with a white top or scarf. This really baffled us and we speculated about it. Was she in a cult? Had she lost someone recently? Was she trying to make a statement?...But we never dared to ask directly the reason behind it, so just continued to make up stories about it.


For the last few years I have been very aware of colour and what it does to your feelings and senses. Every time I choose I piece of clothing, jewellery or handbag for my collection the colour of that particular piece has to speak to me. Even if I can’t translate the meaning right away I know that there is someone out there that will, so I take care of it from the time it arrives from Colombia or anywhere else in South America until its final destination to your wardrobe or jewellery box.


I have also noticed that people are drawn to different colours at different stages of their lives, and I believe that our innate wisdom knows exactly how we can help ourselves depending on where we are at personally, socially or professionally.

For example, I love colourful activewear: orange, red, yellow tones and fluoro colours are my favourite and I know they help me feel more motivated and driven to have a more energetic workout, which I need from time to time as I am not really the kind of person that loves high intensity exercise.  I do looove Yoga though, and for my practice I usually wear purple which helps me purify and centre my thoughts, as well as white when I feel that there is too much inner chatter and noise in my head.

Brown tends to be the colour of shoes and handbags which I feel most confident wearing. This colour has long been used in marketing to express stability and reliability, so this is my go- to colour when I know I have meetings with a ‘though crowd’ ahead.

Blue is a such popular colour and most people will agree that it creates a sense of peace and calmness. Adding something blue to your outfit may inspire other people’s trust in you, so use it wisely. I for example add different tones of blue and indigo in my sleepwear and accessories, particularly bracelets and earrings.

What can I say about green? I love the mountains, grass and nature in general but have not been a fan of green when it comes down to clothing, however I must admit I should wear it a lot more often, especially as green is a colour believed to help us be kinder to ourselves and learn from past experiences, so for those of us who tend to dwell on what we could have done better in the past and feel challenged to move on, lets have a few Kermit the Frog days per month to alleviate this not so helpful behavioural pattern.

Then you have black and grey which can go with most other colours when it comes down to outfits and accessories. These colours have long been associated with neutrality, power and control. Although black can also evoke the energy of the mysterious and sexy, be careful as wearing too much black may create a physical barrier with others and even be intimidating, so be sure to soften it with other colour(s) if you wish to avoid the not so positive effects of black.


All in all, there is more to colour than meets the eye, literally. As when light enters your eyes the wavelength of each colour and its energy are carried to the central brain. This in turn stimulates glands to secrete hormones which affect our mental and physical state.

Understanding this has been helpful to me to examine myself and assess why I may be drawn to a specific type of colour at a particular time. Perhaps I have been behaving towards others in a way that needs to be soften, or perhaps I am in need of some external motivation and passion. In any case I believe that we can’t never have too many tools to help us improve in life and make us feel better about ourselves and our actions.


Have you used colour therapy in any way? Have you trusted your inner wisdom before and used colours to change a state of mind or emotion?

As always feel free to comment or send me an email as I am very interested to know.


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