Birthday Feelings

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My birthday was a few days ago. It wasn’t a big celebration by any means, but I spent the weekend relaxing with my small family and a few friends.

I feel that birthdays are such an interesting yet odd time of the year, as the attention is on me and I love having special people around, but at the same time I hear this internal call to be quiet, look inward and examine the main events, my attitudes and actions of the last twelve months.

For the last few birthdays I have carved some time out of my special day to look at my life for the last year as if it was all happening on a big TV screen. I must admit that sometimes I felt like ‘changing the channel’ when things were though, sometimes I wanted to laugh out loud remembering funny and happy moments, but for the most part I saw clearly the sweet and sour shaping who I am, my feelings and vision in life. So, when the screening was over, I felt thankful, hopeful and ready to do my best to make a better movie to watch the year that comes.

I appreciate immensely having a blank canvas in front of me. One that I lovingly expect to fill with my objectives for the year in my personal, family, work and social life. The biggest challenges I consider may be to stay true to myself in all these spheres and remain calm, objective and focused when things take a different turn than expected.

I believe that one of the greatest things in life is that YOU and I have this brand-new opportunity each year: to analyse what worked and what didn’t. What made us happy or not AND how we decide to step into the year ahead to make sure we are following the most truthful path we each have created.


Birthday Feels

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