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Me at 13 years old

A Mother's Day Thought

Time flies

It seems like just yesterday we were all running around in the rush of Christmas. Cooking, writing cards, wrapping presents and trying to keep the house under control for when the family arrived. And yet, now we are approaching Mother’s Day. Can you believe it? This really shows me that this year is flying by!

What also tells me that time is flying is coming across this old picture of my old self celebrating my 13th B'day next to my mum. I was such a moody teenager and like most at that age really disliked being in the spotlight, yet my mum loved taking pictures and keeping big, fat photo albums for posterity. 

Now as a grown up woman, living far away from my mum and birth family I appreciate and value so much more all the big and little things she did for us, ugly and embarrassing childhood pictures included :)

I understand now why she wanted me to come home early: She just missed me and felt lonely. Why she wanted to know where I was most of the time: She wanted to make sure I was safe. Or why she would scream through the roof every time she opened the phone bill... Sorry about that one mum! I hope that wherever you are on Mother's day you get to share with those you love. I will take some time on that day to thank-even if they are not present- all the mother figures I've had in my life. I will reflect on how their love and care helped me be who I am and hope some day I am lucky enough to become a mother or a mother figure to someone.


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